The Mastering Your Weight Program

Our proprietary Mastering Your Weight program starts with three sessions, one every 1-2 weeks for a total of three sessions. During these sessions, we will use Hypnosis and advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques along with intuitive and effective coaching to:

  • Set powerful yet realistic goals based upon your ideal weight (according to you)
  • Establish a new nutritional strategy which will enable you to attain your ideal weight and health
  • Break your addiction to sugars and unnecessary carbohydrates

If at the end of the third session, you aren’t already well on your way and progressing at the pace expected, then there will be a fourth session at no additional charge.

Then, 60 days later, you’ll have a followup session to check on progress and to make whatever adjustments are necessary to get or keep you on track to reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it.

We also recognize that, in many cases, people can also experience other issues that can affect their weight. Among these can be stress, anxiety, low self esteem to name just a few. We want your experience with us to be as positive and life affirming as possible so in addition to the 4 (possibly 5) session, that make up the Mastering Your Weight program, we also are offering you half off of an additional session where you can work on any other issue that you want to improve on.

This makes the Mastering Your Weight program our most comprehensive program for change it’s also our best value by far. Getting started is simple… just click here to find a participating Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner near you.